Getting Married

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Congratulations on deciding to get married! This page will link you to government resources and information to help you with the administrative details of getting married.

Marriage Licence

You will need to purchase a Marriage Licence from a registry agent in Alberta. A marriage licence is valid for three months from the date it is issued and is only valid to be married in the province of Alberta.

Registration of Marriage

You will receive a Registration of Marriage form along with your Marriage Licence. The registration must be completed and signed at the time of the marriage and then submitted to Vital Statistics by the marriage officiant within two days.

Certificate of Marriage

At the end of your wedding ceremony, the person who performed the ceremony will give you a Marriage Statement. You can use the Marriage Statement as temporary proof of your marriage until you order an official Marriage Certificate through a registry agent.

Planning the Marriage Ceremony

A marriage officiant is a registered clergy (for a religious ceremony) or a marriage commissioner (for a civil ceremony) with the legal authority to perform marriages within the province of Alberta.

Getting Married Outside of Canada

If you plan to have your wedding outside Alberta, you must purchase your marriage licence, certificate and any other marriage documents from the province/territory/country where your wedding will take place. The Alberta Government registers only marriages that occur in Alberta. If you are planning to marry in another country, you may wish to contact the consular office of that nation for information.

Getting Remarried after Divorce

If you have been divorced, you will have to provide a Certificate of Divorce in order to be eligible to remarry.

Changing Your Name

If you wish to adopt your spouse's last name after marriage, no legal name change is required. Your Marriage Certificate is sufficient proof of name change.

Changing Your Address

If your marriage plans include moving, you'll want to contact Canada Post to have your mail forwarded. You may also want to check out Service Alberta's How to Change Your Address page.