Moving to or around Alberta

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There are many wonderful places to live in this great province of ours. Whether you’re changing locations within the province or moving here from elsewhere, this page will direct you to the resources and information you need.

Alberta Communities

Wondering which Alberta community is right for you? Want to get more information about the community you've chosen? Find statistics here about communities in Alberta, and links to the individual websites of Alberta municipalities.

Buying or Renting a Home in Alberta

Forwarding Your Mail

Make arrangements with Canada Post to have your mail forwarded to your new address.

Changing Your Address

Getting Settled

Use these links to help you get settled into your new community. You may also find it helpful to browse through your municipality's website or an online business directory for your area.

Services and Schools


Investigate your options for utility providers and arrange for hook-up before you move in.

Finding Employment

If you haven't already found employment in your new community, check out Service Alberta's Finding a Job page.

Moving to Alberta from Another Province

Moving to Alberta from Outside Canada

General Information about Alberta