Needing Continuing Care

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Alberta's continuing care system provides Albertans with the health, personal care and accommodation services they need to support their independence and quality of life.  A number of options are available based on a person's needs, which a health care professional can assist in evaluating.  The options are available in three streams: home living, supportive living and facility living. Each stream can provide clients with a broad range of health and personal care, accommodation and hospitality services.  This page will link you to these resources, as well as to some from the federal government and other related organizations.

Home Living

Home Living is for people who live in their own house, apartment, condominium or in another independent living option. They are responsible for arranging any home care and support services they require.

Supportive Living

Facility Living

Facility living includes long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and auxiliary hospitals. Care is provided for people with complex health needs who are unable to remain at home or in supportive living.

New Continuing Care Standards

New and updated health service and accommodation continuing care standards are in place and must be complied with by home living, supportive living and facility living operators effective April 1, 2007. The Health Service standards apply to publicly funded health services in the home living, supportive living and facility living streams. The accommodation standards apply to facilities in the supportive living and long-term care streams.

Responding to Concerns

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